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Farndale History Group

Farndale has a rich history, and generates a lot of interest in people locally, and many further afield.

The dale sees many visitors each year, people walking or having a drive out – many of whom come back regularly and have a story to tell about Farndale, or remember coming as a child and visiting relatives in the dale.
There’s a lot of things to look into – the estate and different ownership; wartime and how it impacted on Farndale and its people; all the different houses and their histories; long-standing family histories; plans for a reservoir; the daffodils and tourism; mining and iron, jet etc; farming and traditional lifestyles; different houses/farms; folklore and things like the Hob of Farndale; brass bands, choirs and singing groups; the list goes on and on!!

Over recent years, there had been a few meetings in the Village Hall, for people interested in local history, most recently in the autumn of 2019.  We had plenty of discussions about ‘the olden days’, a talk from someone at another history society, and plenty of photographs and old maps to look at.  We are hopeful to get another meeting organised at some point in the near future.

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