Farndale Village hall is a registered charity
(No 1131786).

Our current governing document is a Charity Commission Scheme dated 9th November 2010. This Scheme superseded the original governing document, a Deed of Gift which is dated 23rd November 1953.

The scheme specifies the charity to be run by a committee of Trustees while the land, which is restricted “for use of a village Hall” is held in Trust by Farndale East Parish Council for the sole use of the Charity.

The Village Hall Committee currently consists of six Elected Trustees and eight Trustees as representatives of user groups.  The chairman is elected from the Trustees as currently are the Secretary and Treasurer although the scheme does allow for the Secretary and Treasurer to be non-Trustees.

All committee meetings are open meetings and we are regularly joined by additional people who assist in the running of the hall.  The Committee meets typically bi-monthly and works through a standard structured agenda which is adapted to meet the needs or issues which are to be addressed at the meeting.

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Farndale Village Hall _ Scheme 09 11 2010

We have a number of separate policy documents which were originally drawn up in 2011 as a set of 1-page policy documents. Since then we have been replacing these documents with new ones based on ACRE model documents. The full list is as follows: