History of Farndale Village Hall

There has been a Village Hall on the present site at Church Houses for more than 70 years.

Originally donated by the Earl of Feversham, along with the land it stands on, the previous building was an old army hut from Helmsley.   The building was a transported to Farndale and rebuilt there.  It was a wooden structure, with a main hall, kitchen and small entrance hall.

The Village Hall became the focal point for people to get together in top end of the dale, and over the years had become home to many clubs and activities.  It has seen events such as hunt balls, wedding receptions, old time dances, domino and whist drives, Christmas parties, and much more.

The building was much-loved, and had been maintained by a committee of volunteers and helpers.  However, over the years the building itself deteriorated, and in 2004 a structural survey found the hall was showing its age and that its life was limited.  Essential repairs were undertaken to ensure if could continue in use in the short term, and a large-scale project began to raise funds to rebuild it.

People on the Village Hall committee work worked over the next 15 years to fundraise for monies to put towards a rebuilding project for a new Hall. In 2018 we were successful in securing a grant from The Big Lottery that totalled around £300,000, for which we were very grateful. Other trusts and foundations also offered us grants to contribute further funds that enabled our New Hall Project to get off the ground. As well as grant funding, we were pleased to receive a number of funds and donations from local people, businesses, and supporters.

February 2018 saw the last party we held in the old building, and the new build commenced in the autumn of that year. The new building was completed in spring of 2019, and we held a launch and opening party on 25th May 2019 to welcome people to our new Hall. More than 200 people came to the opening and we had lots of lovely comments and a great party!